Danielle Billings


Performance Assistant

Team Member Bio

You might say that Danielle was “born and raised” in a dealership, having started clocking hours at just a few weeks old (under the skilled tutelage of her mother, an office manager). Always eager to help out, she would spend her youth in a constant state of learning and would go on to take her very first job at a local dealership, at age 15. From office assistant to title clerk, to finance manager, Danielle spent her first quarter-of-a-century immersed in dealership culture, at a number of levels.

But that’s not all. Danielle would also spend time in 12 countries across Europe, would teach English as a foreign language, and return home to shape young minds in various elementary grades here in the U.S.

Returning to her automotive roots, Danielle’s arrival at Wikimotive is fueled by her passion for analytics, and her lifelong enthusiasm for helping dealers reach their goals.

In her spare time she enjoys visiting craft breweries near and far, spending time with her son and husband, and going on family walks with the dog.