Doreen Barker


Business Administrator

Team Member Bio

Before arriving at Wikimotive, Doreen’s tenure in banking would serve to shape her relationship with auto dealers through her time spent in loan processing. From there, her keen attention to detail would go on to benefit a local dentist’s office, where she fulfilled a variety of crucial administrative roles that helped to create a frictionless experience for both her employer and the patients they served.

With such an extensive background in both admin and finance, Doreen plays an instrumental role in Wikimotive’s day-to-day operations, while allowing her to stay close to her favorite place: the home that inspired her relocation from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, alongside her husband (& best friend), their twin sons, and dog.

Needless to say, it’s no surprise that many of Doreen’s favorite activities are based around the life that she’s built, singing and dancing, cooking and baking, and enjoying outdoor activities surrounded by family & friends.