Feral McElreavy, Wikimotive Multimedia Specialist


Senior Multimedia Specialist

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. - J.R.R. Tolkien

Team Member Bio

A self-described 13-year veteran of the digital media industry, Feral is now concerned that ’13’ is an unlucky number (but realizes that might be a by-product of his dark sense of humor). A lover of human creativity in all forms, Feral is a skilled filmmaker, photographer and the lead guitarist band of his band ‘Conduit’; he also trains in boxing and Thai kickboxing, hates hot dogs and olives, is left-handed, considers ‘Lord of the Rings’ to be his religion, and thinks Tom Waits is the coolest person to have ever lived. Working tirelessly so that his cat (Cosmo) & dog (Dax) can have a better life, Feral also considers his own need for cranberry juice, ‘chicken tendies’, and cigars to be paramount. Sounds like a lot? What else would you expect from a kid who grew up on a Native American reservation, touring the country in a 60’s VW bus, kicked cancer’s ass as a teen, and refuses to stop saying, “Wicked Awesome”?