Jason Cook, Marketing Manager | Wikimotive


Marketing Manager

Don't make a distinction between work and play. Regard everything that you are doing as play, and don't imagine for one minute that you've got to be serious about it.

Team Member Bio

In 2017, Jason joined the Wikimotive team as a content writer with no real sense of what was to come. A lifelong “creative” his varied resume included such credits as artist, writer, playwright, actor, director, comedian, and frontman to a number of bands. Such aptitudes would be put to great use when Jason was named as Creative Director for Wikimotive’s marketing arm, Wikid Media. However, it was the fusion of those skills with the ones he honed (in his past life working with countless global brands) as a National Sales & Marketing Manager that drives Wikimotive’s stream of entertaining and informative content.

In his current role as Wikimotive’s Marketing Manager, Jason oversees the creation of all branded content and the facilitation of all marketing efforts. This includes the design of industry magazine covers and the conceptualization of such popular video series as ‘Just the Tip’, ‘High Performance’, ‘SEO Climb’, ‘ThinkBetter’, ‘GBB|DIY’, and the industry-celebrated mini movie ‘Search Wars’.

That said, anyone who knows Jason knows that his most important role is that of “Pop” to his daughter, Emma (short for ‘Emmanuelle’) and his Australian Shepherd, Cash (short for ‘Sir Cashworth von Aussieson’).