Jennifer Connors


Senior Technical SEO Specialist

Team Member Bio

A New York native, Jennifer makes her way to Wikimotive after eight years in the digital space, where she served as both a content writer and SEO specialist.

Before graduating from the Mass Communications program at Franklin Pierce University, Jennifer (a self-described “all-around media person”) cut her teeth on everything from TV production, to online and print newspapers, social media, and even taught herself how to man a radio switchboard in just under 30 minutes. She’s also an encyclopedia of disparate facts including (but not limited to) those related to medical and dental protocol, as well as home improvement and landscaping.

It’s this kind of passion and enthusiasm that compels Jennifer to see at least one movie per week, one live show per month, and read over 100 books per year. It’s also what earned her a spot in the last round of Teen Jeopardy try-outs when she was 13.

When not singlehandedly supporting production and publishing companies around the world, Jennifer enjoys stand-up comedy, trivia, puzzle games, ranking her favorite buskers in downtown Boston, and the company of her boyfriend and a goofy hound named Marshall.