Josh Wynne, Senior Performance Manager

Josh Wynne

Senior Performance Manager

Team Member Bio

With more than a decade spent in the automotive space, Josh joined Wikimotive with an expansive resume of experiences. His automotive journey started from the ground up in the parts warehouse of a Toyota Dealership. From there, he moved into a Delivery Specialist role in a Ford Dealership where he trained sales staff on vehicle technologies. With the knack for tech, Josh shortly became a Digital Marketing Manager for a 5 store automotive group, followed by a 4-year stint at one of the largest automotive website providers in the industry, where he worked with hundreds of dealers all around the country. Having racked up sufficient automotive “street cred”, Josh is a passionate musician outside of work who plays multiple instruments and enjoys spending time with his wife Amy, and his daughter Norah. He also enjoys hiking and (from time-to-time) coming out of “skateboarding retirement”.