Josh Wynne

Josh Wynne

Performance Manager

Team Member Bio

With more than a decade spent in the automotive space, Josh joins Wikimotive with an expansive resume of experiences. Having clocked time in the parts warehouse of a Toyota Dealership, and having trained the sales staff and customers of a Ford dealership on vehicle technologies, Josh advanced to in-house Digital Marketing roles including SEO and front-end development to create exceptionally unique content for the entire automotive group. These experiences culminated in a 4 year tenure with an automotive website provider cultivating relationships with some of the most influential dealerships in the country, consulting on the creation of their digital marketing strategies and best practices.

Having racked up sufficient automotive “street cred”, Josh has also enriched his existence with more than 20 years as a drummer and (when his family yelled at him because his drums were too loud) a guitarist. He also enjoys hiking and (from time-to-time) coming out of “skateboarding retirement”.

But nothing enriches Josh’s life more than spending family time with his wife Amy, and their daughter Norah who he (rather poetically) describes as “pretty awesome”.

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