Kelsea Filleul Managing Editor at Wikimotive


Content Operations Manager

Team Member Bio

Of the roughly 600,000 words that Wikimotive publishes monthly, almost all of it goes by Kelsea in some capacity. Kelsea started at Wikimotive as an editor but has worked her way up to Content Operations Manager, handling the day-to-day goings of both the editors and the writers that work for Wikimotive.

As the Content Operations Manager, she oversees the planning, assignment, and production of all content produced by Wikimotive. From answering emails to hunting down information for a client, there is never a dull day in the content department.

Outside of the office, Kelsea has amassed a great number of hobbies, from taking care of plants and her animals to miniatures, paper crafts, and embroidery. You can often find her wandering around a craft store, pet supplies store, or a greenhouse in her spare time if she doesn’t have her nose buried in a Neil Gaiman novel.

With a tenacious drive for accuracy and a work ethic to match, her tireless efforts at home and in the office translate to a near-endless stream of superb content.