Kelsea Filleul Managing Editor at Wikimotive

Kelsea Filleul

Managing Editor

Team Member Bio

Of the roughly 300,000 words worth of top-shelf content that we publish each month, a large number of it will have been edited by Kelsea (whose grandma will probably print this bio out and put it on her fridge). A bonafide history geek, Kelsea holds a Bachelors Degree in History, with a minor in Social Science and Art. Her free time is often dedicated to her beloved guinea pigs Lucifer, Weebley, Voodoo and Larry.

In the office Kelsea is often buried in a mountain of content to edit to keep our publishing department going. Her dedication and passion for history and research translates effortlessly to editing content. With an tenacious drive for accuracy and a work ethic to match, her tireless efforts translate to a near endless stream of awesome content.