Kristofer Bartol, Content Editor at Wikimotive



Team Member Bio

A student of television, Kris got a degree in screenwriting, won a short script competition, and promptly forsook the studio system for the freedom of authordom. He wrote a five-part biography on the legendary folk duo Simon & Garfunkel, the latter of which did not appreciate (Garfunkels everywhere hate him!!), followed by various novels (transgressive fiction, coming-of-age horror, epistolary alt-history, rabbit-themed psychosis amidst a midlife crisis, etcetera) and an indulgent history/comedy podcast he co-hosts with his wife.

Shy at the outset, he is unexpectedly eccentric and prone to enthusiastic rants about niche topics that aren’t conventionally considered fascinating. He is a former schoolteacher, defense contractor, and Disney intern, and is forever a progressive malcontent. When not at work, or at work, Kris can be found in his carefully-simulated ‘human’ enclosure, neurotically archiving ideas and inspiration, curating playlists of new music, devouring Wikipedia, and trying to keep up with his precocious, devious corndog/sunbeam of a daughter.

(Ask him about his musical.)