Scott Rainville, Senior Performance Manager @ Wikimotive

Scott Rainville

Performance Manager

Team Member Bio

A veteran of the automotive industry, the richness of Scott’s tenure can be felt in the diversity of his contributions. Building one of the first BDC’s in the area, he empowered a highway Toyota store to rapidly increase their number of deals closed to 100 a month. Scott’s valued guidance would then position him as a consultant helping dealers across North America to design, staff, and promote BDC’s and digital marketing programs. He would go on to accept the role of Digital Marketing Manager for a dealer group touting 6 locations, 8 franchises, 2 collision centers and a car wash, helping the group to further increase their footprint. He then spent 5 years as part of an in-house dealer marketing team, managing all aspects of digital marketing for their 22 locations.

In joining the Wikimotive family, Scott looks forward to working with a wide variety of dealerships to help them reach new levels of success.

On weekends, Scott embraces his love of outdoor photography, traveling the many state parks and national wildlife reserves in the Delmarva peninsula in the company of his Aussie, Lily.