Zach Billings

COO and Co-Founder

“Out of my cold, dead hands…”

To answer a common question first, yes, Zach picks out his own shirts. Moving on, Zach’s unquenchable ambition is best evidenced by three things (i) his co-founding of Wikimotive at the age of 20 (ii) the parties that he throws in the company of friends and family, and (iii) the foresight shown in growing a beard so that he doesn’t look fourteen. All jokes aside, the phrase “work hard, play hard” rings as true with Zach as it does with Tim, making them ideal partners.  With ample experience in automotive social media strategies, plus on-the-job experience during the formative years of SEO, Zach provides insightful strategies for our clients and oversees firm operational excellence for Wikimotive. He also oversees our annual 4th of July fireworks spectacular, which consists of over 3500 shells (and Ashley is NOT allowed anywhere near the explosives).

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