Who We Serve

Regardless of what business you are in, the team of expert professionals at Wikimotive will work tirelessly and with purpose to help your business reach as many clients and gain more leads than you ever thought possible. Wikimotive is not in the business of guesswork or trial and error. Rather, our focused digital marketing approach offers a tangible ROI that turns millions of leads into millions of dollars for companies across the United States each and every year. We are the leader in online marketing for various industries, mediums, and verticals. Our team is made up of hand-selected experts in every field that we represent, so that we are better able to serve our clients. Here at Wikimotive, your passion is our passion. Let’s begin a conversation about how digital marketing services through Wikimotive will transform your business in ways you only imagined.


At Wikimotive, our humble beginnings were deeply rooted in the automotive industry. Whether you are a small used car lot or a large multi-dealership group, the experts at Wikimotive will put our digital marketing expertise to work for the ultimate success of your dealership. When it comes to digital marketing firms, no one else has the depth of expertise as the team at Wikimotive.


Our team of legal professionals has what it takes to help grow your small law firm into the megafirm you always dreamed it would be. The complexities involved with legal marketing are deep, which is why having a team that understands this is paramount to your ultimate and unwavering success as a law firm. Wikimotive is honored to serve attorneys, solo practitioners, judges, and megafirms who desire a leg up on the competition – and we possess the knowledge that legal marketing requires to deliver this edge.


As a healthcare professional or institution, you may be wondering whether digital marketing would be a beneficial addition to your business portfolio. The short answer, is yes. Healthcare is a for-profit organization that requires just as much, if not more, strategic online marketing as other industries listed. Interested in the long answer? Contact Wikimotive to learn more, today.

Real Estate

Thanks to the economic upturn in America, real estate is one of the fastest growing markets once again. As a real estate professional, it’s time to up your marketing game with the expertise that only Wikimotive can offer. With real estate gurus on staff, Wikimotive can help turn your one-man show into a multi-employee real estate firm in no time at all.


Own a franchise, but aren’t sure exactly how to market to your intended audience? Whether your particular franchise is new in your area, or you are looking to gain a competitive edge on others around you, Wikimotive has the know-how and skill to blossom your franchise into an enterprise.


As an energy provider in the 21st Century, it is imperative that you know how to reach potential clients and get them on board with what you have to offer. Make no mistake – energy companies are just as prone to cut-throat competitors as any other industry. With Wikimotive on your side, you will have the secret weapon necessary to cut those competitors completely out of the way.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities benefit daily from the skilled digital marketing strategies put forth by Wikimotive. Whether you are a small private college or a large state university, Wikimotive can help get those applicant numbers up, and enrollment stats higher than they have ever been.


As a local or national politician, we don’t have to convince you of the importance of an effective digital marketing campaign. Whether you are newly elected, just starting out, or are still sorting through your political endeavors, Wikimotive has the strategic manpower you need to get on top, and stay on top.

Home Services

As a home services organization, are you confident that your potential customers can find you online? If the answer is no, or you aren’t sure, then it’s time to give Wikimotive a call. Home services is one of the fastest growing and most competitive industries in America, which means that it’s high time you hired the right team to convert your leads into real customers. Don’t let the competition land a potential gig just because they ranked higher in search engine results. Put Wikimotive to work, rank higher, and claim the profits your organization deserves.


Pharmaceutical sales is a dog-eat-dog industry, and without the right collaboration of digital marketing specialists, your pharmaceutical career can take a nosedive. Luckily, one call to Wikimotive will alter your current trajectory and set you on a path for ultimate success. Intrigued? Call us to find out how our pharmaceutical experts can help increase your sales and solidify your shining reputation within the industry.

Small Business

Small business owners across the country turn to Wikimotive in order to attract leads, gain new customers, and turn their budding organizations into an unstoppable corporation. Your big dreams are growing bigger with each passing moment. Does your small business have what it takes to keep up? Learn more about how Wikimotive can catch your small business up to your ultimate big picture goal.