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My favorite thing about Wikimotive is how willing they are to field any and all questions, concerns, and issues. It truly feels like we have a partner in our SEO efforts; instead of someone doing it for us, they focus on doing it WITH us, which is worth more to me than any result (but also, the results are amazing).

Katie Rouse
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We’ve been working with Wikimotive for several years, and they have proven to be a great partner as we grow our business in the digital space. They do great work and can be trusted as a well-informed, objective opinion in an ever-changing field within our industry.

Ben Faricy
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Dealing with Wikimotive has been a breath of fresh air. Most vendors in this area are pure cookie cutter. Wikimotive is results driven and have treated Smythe Volvo as a partner in growing our business. There is constant two way communication and planning to enhance our results.

Tom Nolfi
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We work with Wikimotive in both the Automotive and Non-Automotive industries and cannot recommend them more highly. They are highly educated, and bring to the table different perspectives to ensure their clients are cared for in a way that is tailored just to their needs. Quick to respond, and always ready with a new idea, this team is top notch!

Sommer White

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Act Now To Crush Your Competition

Now is exactly the time to spend money on marketing so that new vehicle shoppers have YOU top of mind and are ready to close. Sure, you can “switch” on some pay per click advertising when things recover, which is exactly what your competition is going to do, and OVERpay a TON of money because you’re just part of the herd.

Hear us out - that’s dumb. If everybody starts spending on PPC at the same time the cost per click just climbs, not your leads. It’s a waste of money and all those third party PPC service providers know it.

Now, and we do mean RIGHT NOW, is the time to invest in organic traffic opportunities. That means search engine optimization. That means social media polishing and reputation monitoring. That means cleaning up your local business listings. These are things that you can start doing RIGHT NOW and be ahead of the game and the competition when inventory levels normalize.

Look at your site’s analytics and see what acquisition channels are delivering the most engaged visitors and leads. Unless you have a completely broken marketing program it’s the Organic channel doing the heavy lifting. There’s no quick way to increase that number - it takes time and money, both of which you have right now due to the margins you’re making on new and used cars.


This isn’t the time for inaction. This isn’t the time to wait and see. Those who invest now will reap the benefits not just for months, but potentially for years.

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