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The future of advertising is based around the internet. No other venue provides such a reliably effective way to reach an audience that is both incredibly large and able to be precisely targeted. Unfortunately, Digital marketing isn't something you can just do on the side. It requires expert level knowledge in several fields to be effectively executed. Here is a brief overview of what digital marketing is and how Wikimotive can help your business.


Inbound and outbound marketing are very different, but the line in the middle can be blurry. For our purposes, we’ll define inbound marketing as marketing that invites the customer to engage. Conversely, outbound marketing is marketing that begs the customer to engage.

Of course this is an oversimplification, but it’s how many consumers (especially the coveted younger demographics) view advertising.

Inbound Outbound Marketing Company


The best way to think of outbound marketing is “traditional.” Outbound marketing includes things like television and radio ads, business emails, and even billboards. These techniques have been staples of the advertising industry for decades, and many marketing companies are afraid to move beyond them. After all, why abandon methods that have worked for so long?

This is dangerous thinking.

To prove it, all you have to do is ask yourself and some friends, “when is the last time you watched through an entire commercial break?” In today’s age of TiVo, DVR, On Demand, Netflix, and more, why would you watch through a commercial break? With satellite radio, Pandora, and phones that hold thousands of songs, why would you listen to a five minute long radio commercial break?

For an ever increasing amount of people these days, the answer is simple. You wouldn’t.

The Best Marketing is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing doesn’t just allow you to market without being annoying (though that is a big plus) it lets you market and actually build community goodwill at the same time. It seems to good to be true, but that’s the beauty if inbound marketing. When you do things right, you’ll be viewed as an asset to the community that you’re marketing to. It can be hard to get all of the inbound elements in order, but a great digital marketing company like Wikimotive can help.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is how you get yourself found on the web. It’s a complicated process, but an expert company like Wikimotive can help walk you through it. The best place to start is with a free search engine optimization evaluation. To receive yours, contact us here at Wikimotive today using the form on this page.


PPC—or Pay Per Click—is the other way to get on the first page of Google. At the top of every search results page, there are the paid, or ‘sponsored’ results in a pale yellow. To get into these spots, you essentially big against other companies and pay Google for the privilege. Paid results have their place, but we believe they can be replaced by quality organic SEO. Why pay for a spot on Google when you can rank there naturally instead?


Content is king is the new mantra of the digital marketing community. You see, originally Google wasn’t super picky about the content you had on a page, as long as you had the most backlinks. As we said before though, those days are done. Now, search engine algorithms are advanced enough to tell good content from bad. You can have all the backlinks in the world, but if your content isn’t great, you’ll never hit the first page.

What Separates Good Content from Bad Content

The first step to having good content is to write it yourself (or pay someone decently), that is to say, it needs to be unique. Unique is the biggest word going for web content right now. Duplicate content is easy to spot, and if you’re populating your website with content taken from other sources, not only will you not rank, you’ll actually be penalized by Google. Poorly written content (usually outsourced to India) is also easy to spot. Don’t try and save a few bucks by paying someone overseas to manage your content, it will only cost you in the end.

The next step is writing your content for actual people, not robots. Too many content writers try and stuff in keywords for Google to find or use otherwise unnatural language to rank. This is another example of something that worked in years past, but will get you penalized today. Search engines want to deliver content that is actually useful to people, and people want to read content that is actually useful, so please, for your own sake, write content that is actually useful.

The final piece of creating quality content is to develop a voice. This one isn’t as technically important as the other two, but it makes a much bigger difference when you’re trying to build an audience. People can get generic advice anywhere. Make yourself an authority with strong opinions and a unique way of expressing them. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, so do your best to please the people you want to be your future customers. Don’t water down your every impulse for the sake of mass appeal.


Now that you know what separates good content from bad, it’s time to put it to use.

A business blog is the cornerstone of any good digital marketing strategy. It’s where you can give your company a voice, start your SEO, and fuel your social media. It’s easy to do, but it takes time and dedication to do right.


The first thing you need to do is build your blog, we recommend WordPress for a variety of reasons. As far as where to build it, we recommend putting it on a subdomain if you’re primary focus is boosting your SEO, or a subdirectory if your primary focus is maintaining an already successful site. If you’re unsure how to go about building your blog, click the BLOG button to the right to get some instant help from the digital marketing experts at Wikimotive.

Once your blog is built, you need to stick to a consistent schedule. For maximum effect, we really recommend you blog every weekday. These don’t need to be especially long (300 words will suffice) but they should go up every weekday at the same time. Not only is this convenient for your readership, Google actually pays attention to how often you put out new content and when you do it. If you post often and regularly, Google learns it needs to come index your site every day at a certain time, resulting in better and fresher rankings for your site.

If you’re not sure you have time to write your own blog day in and day out, Wikimotive can help. We offer custom blogs, written for your business and written by native U.S.A. writers. To find out more, check out our blogging program here.

Once your blogs are written, you need to push them out to your social media presences. You share your blogs on Facebook, Twitter and the rest  with catchy headlines and eye-drawing pictures, and get people to click through to your blog.

Once you’re done, you have a single piece of content that builds your brand, boosts your SEO, and gives you something unique to share on social media.


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