Legal Marketing

For years, you might have relied on word of mouth or traditional marketing techniques to reach potential clients. However, if you want to boost your legal marketing potential, you’ll want to capitalize on the many innovative digital methods at your disposal. More than 95-percent of potential clients will search for these services via a traditional search engine, and nearly three-fourths of all clients will actually refer to a specific business’s website before opting for their services. Therefore, it’s especially important that you’re utilizing expert techniques as you look to maximize your legal marketing.

What to Expect From Wikimotive:

  • A relationship that will last for years
  • The opportunity to provide input in every marketing strategy
  • Increased web traffic
  • Elevated standing in search engines
  • Specific, targeted marketing
  • Easy-to-track Results

Wikimotive Will Play a Significant Role in Increasing Your Clientele

It’s apparent that digital marketing is needed if you’re looking to boost the ultimate potential of your business. Wikimotive prefers a hands-on approach, so their team of experts will actually collaborate on you to help provide some clarification throughout the process. By opting for any of the available services, these businesses will surely see a drastic improvement in their leads, which will subsequently lead to boosts in revenue.

What Are You Waiting For?

Let us know what methods you’re interested in, and we can inform you of the various ways that you can improve your digital marketing.


Despite the fact that you have invested a considerable amount of time, energy, money, and sacrifice into your career, yours is a flooded market. It is nearly impossible to turn on the TV, check Facebook, or even go for a stroll in your hometown without seeing some sort of advertising for legal advice, legal counsel, or legal services. To make matters worse, historically, it’s the bad apples in this full-to-the-brim barrel that complicate the fight to make a name – a good name – for yourself.

So, what’s the solution? How do you distinguish yourself and all of your hard work from the rest of the rotten fruit? By doing what you know you should. Examining the evidence and acknowledging that what you’re good at it isn’t necessarily legal marketing. Even if you do know your way around a website, or have the awareness to respond to both negative and positive reviews, you just don’t have the time. The legal industry is demanding, with most legal professionals working well beyond overtime. This is a high-stakes game, influenced by political shifts, new administrations, and ever-changing rules and regulations.

Just as you would call in a forensic expert to take the stand in a criminal trial, you should treat your own legal marketing efforts with the same level of defense, scrutiny, and high expectations. In other words, call the professionals – in this case, the team at Wikimotive.

Driven to create Search Engine Optimized content in order to reach potential clients and circulate your name among both competitors and colleagues, consider the professionals at Wikimotive your expert counsel with respect to content, SEO strategy, social media, and, above all, your reputation. Your business is your investment and in such a saturated market, you can’t risk your name.

Wikimotive Knows the Game

Not only do we, at Wikimotive, know the game, we run it. Staffed by SEO strategists, inventive content creators, and keen-eyed editors, the team at Wikimotive is the secret weapon in your arsenal to set your business apart from the rest, courtesy of strategic legal marketing.

In legal services, online marketing has greater impact on the continued success of your firm or practice than you may realize.

The facts:

According to Black Fin, 62% of your potential clients would decline your services based on poor marketing, and a substandard web presence could render you invisible to them in online searches. As of 2017, 97% of law firm websites are devoid of personalized content (including call-to-action and contact information) and only 1/3 legal websites are optimized for mobile users.

Online Marketing through Wikimotive is the solution.

33% of potential clients begin their search for representation online. Wikimotive can provide you with a distinctive online presence, engineered to deliver new clients. Innovative web design, reflective of your firm’s ideals and brand identity. Search-engine optimization to make you the first point of contact for those in need of your services. Social Media Marketing to engage your community and potential client base. Reputation Management to ensure that your first impression is your best. Even Video Production that could increase online contact by as much as 157%.

Your firm is your business. Empowering you to be more successful is ours.

Reputation Management

There are a variety of reasons why consumers may opt for your legal services, including any applicable reviews on your website or corresponding pages. Positive reviews will predictably put your business in an advantageous light, but negative reviews could prevent prospective clients from even considering your business. There’s no possible way that you can effectively meet your legal obligations while also dealing with your online reputation. That’s a big reason why you should refer to Wikimotive for all of your reputation management needs.

Recent studies only emphasize why reputation management is so important in the legal industry:

  • 78-percent of consumers rely on peer reviews, while 14-percent lean on standard advertisements
  • Among businesses that endured an event that negatively impacted their reputation, 41-percent reported lost revenue
  • A recent study indicated that 25-percent of a business’s market value can be attributed to its reputation
  • Among those displeased customers, 70-percent said they’d refer to the business again if the issue was resolved in a timely manner
  • Businesses that have one- or two-star reviews will end up recruiting only 10-percent of prospective clients
  • 85-percent of consumers refer to the internet before making a purchase or choosing a service

There’s no denying how important reputation management is as you’re looking to boost your legal marketing footprint. Instead of dedicating a half-hearted effort to the endeavor, rely on the experts at Wikimotive to handle all of your needs.

Why You Need Reputation Marketing

Nearly half of consumers will make a determination on a particular business after having just read a pair of reviews. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to assure that consumers are solely viewing testimonials that puts your business in a positive light. If there are any negative reviews, then they’ll quickly be non-legitimized by responding in a logical, cool-headed way. Wikimotive’s reputation management has years of combined experience, which will help your business overcome any reputation issue that comes your way.

Use These Reviews in an Effective Manner

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be capitalizing on all of these favorable testimonials. Wikimotive will compile all of these positive reviews and implement them across multiple mediums, so that prospective customers will constantly be reminded of all of your business’s positive attributes.

Wikimotive Handles Every Positive and Negative Review So You Don’t Have To

Video Production

Video production is the most immediate means of accessing potential clientele in need of legal services. When combined effectively with the universal appeal of compelling visuals, the strength of your message is enhanced exponentially. And by engaging a wider audience, you increase the likelihood of client conversion, boosting the benefits to your firm or practice.

As of 2017 most potential clients will seek representation through an online search.

By using video, your firm can increase web traffic by 41% over firms that don’t use video.
Inclusion of video on your landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.
Video content could increase overall revenue 49% quicker, year-over-year.

Video Is No Longer “An Option”

Do you realize that 4x as many of your clients would prefer to watch a video about your services, than read about them? In fact, over a quarter of your clients will lose interest in your firm, if you don’t utilize video in your marketing. With video content factoring so heavily into the average client’s assessment of a firm’s credibility, what is your credibility worth to you?

Gain Clients’ Attention

Your services are crucial to those who require them; but “who you are” is equally as important as “what you do.” Through video you create a direct line of communication with these potential clients, demonstrating your accessibility to them. Enhance the content further with client testimonials, and continually reinforce the unique strength of your distinguished reputation.

Keep Clients’ Attention

Don’t make the mistakes made by so many other firms. With 62% of clients likely to form a negative impression from poor-quality visual content, it is important to enlist the right partner in video production.

Let Wikimotive employ innovative digital marketing to convey the strength and integrity of your advocacy to those people who require it.

Website Design

With an estimated 300 million internet users in the United States alone, nearly 58% of today’s legal practices prioritize improved website design for 2017*. Your website is the digital curb appeal of your firm or practice. To potential clients seeking your services, your website is crucial in conveying the integrity of your advocacy. Wikimotive prides itself in creating distinctive website design, engineered to be as compelling to search engines as it is to your clientele.

Designed to Drive Revenue

More than cosmetic enhancement, successful website design is results-driven. At Wikimotive, our design is built around search engine optimization (SEO), dedicated to deliver more potential clients. In addition, our responsive web design ensures your accessibility to those in need of your services, whether they are searching from a laptop, tablet or smart-phone. After all, 8 out of 10 customers will stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well, or proves unresponsive, on their device of choice.*

The Aesthetics of Success

Rest assured, design remains critical. According to Adobe, 59% of consumers globally would rather engage with content that’s beautifully designed as opposed to simply designed. On-brand personalization of your website can improve visits by over 113%. Wikimotive will customize your website’s visuals and iconography, as an extension and in support of your firm’s brand.