Reputation Management

Reputation Management for Attorneys

There are a variety of reasons why consumers may opt for your legal services, including any applicable reviews on your website or corresponding pages. Positive reviews will predictably put your business in an advantageous light, but negative reviews could prevent prospective clients from even considering your business. There’s no possible way that you can effectively meet your legal obligations while also dealing with your online reputation. That’s a big reason why you should refer to Wikimotive for all of your reputation management needs.

Recent studies only emphasize why reputation management is so important in the legal industry:

  • 78-percent of consumers rely on peer reviews, while 14-percent lean on standard advertisements
  • Among businesses that endured an event that negatively impacted their reputation, 41-percent reported lost revenue
  • A recent study indicated that 25-percent of a business’s market value can be attributed to its reputation
  • Among those displeased customers, 70-percent said they’d refer to the business again if the issue was resolved in a timely manner
  • Businesses that have one- or two-star reviews will end up recruiting only 10-percent of prospective clients
  • 85-percent of consumers refer to the internet before making a purchase or choosing a service

There’s no denying how important reputation management is as you’re looking to boost your legal marketing footprint. Instead of dedicating a half-hearted effort to the endeavor, rely on the experts at Wikimotive to handle all of your needs.

Why You Need Reputation Marketing

Nearly half of consumers will make a determination on a particular business after having just read a pair of reviews. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to assure that consumers are solely viewing testimonials that puts your business in a positive light. If there are any negative reviews, then they’ll quickly be illegitimized by responding in a logical, cool-headed way. Wikimotive’s reputation management has years of combined experience, which will help your business overcome any reputation issue that comes your way.

Use These Reviews in an Effective Manner

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be capitalizing on all of these favorable testimonials. Wikimotive will compile all of these positive reviews and implement them across multiple mediums, so that prospective customers will constantly be reminded of all of your business’s positive attributes.

Wikimotive Handles Every Positive and Negative Review So You Don’t Have To

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