Video Production

Video production is the most immediate means of accessing potential clientele in need of legal services. When combined effectively with the universal appeal of compelling visuals, the strength of your message is enhanced exponentially. And by engaging a wider audience, you increase the likelihood of client conversion, boosting the benefits to your firm or practice.

As of 2017 most potential clients will seek representation through an online search.

  • By using video, your firm can increase web traffic by 41% over firms that don’t use video.
  • Inclusion of video on your landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.
  • Video content could increase overall revenue 49% quicker, year-over-year.


Video Is No Longer “An Option”

Do you realize that 4x as many of your clients would prefer to watch a video about your services, than read about them? In fact, over a quarter of your clients will lose interest in your firm, if you don’t utilize video in your marketing. With video content factoring so heavily into the average client’s assessment of a firm’s credibility, what is your credibility worth to you?


Gain Clients’ Attention

Your services are crucial to those who require them; but “who you are” is equally as important as “what you do.” Through video you create a direct line of communication with these potential clients, demonstrating your accessibility to them. Enhance the content further with client testimonials, and continually reinforce the unique strength of your distinguished reputation.


Keep Clients’ Attention

Don’t make the mistakes made by so many other firms. With 62% of clients likely to form a negative impression from poor-quality visual content, it is important to enlist the right partner in video production.

Let Wikimotive employ innovative digital marketing to convey the strength and integrity of your advocacy to those people who require it.

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