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Getting the right search engine optimization services is crucial to the success of your business. Traditional advertising venues like radio and television are becoming less viable every day, but digital marketing and SEO are only getting stronger. Here at Wikimotive, we can help you move your marketing techniques into the future so you don’t get stuck in the past.

Wikimotive’s Focus is on Your Results

Wikimotive is a premier digital marketing company with a focus on long-term results and sustainable techniques. If you’ve paid any attention to search engine optimization over the past year, you know that SEO services are changing rapidly. Techniques that once were successful can now actually harm your business.

To be successful, you need a service that will change just as rapidly. Here at Wikimotive, we change our SEO service as often as necessary to provide consistent, powerful results. We don’t hold onto the past. As soon as a technique is obsolete, it’s gone, and that’s the way it should be.

If you want to know more about Wikimotive’s search engine optimization services, just fill out the form on this page. We’ll get back to you and start you on your path to page one domination.

SEO: An Overview

SEO—or search engine optimization—is how you get yourself found on the web. It’s the single most complex aspect of digital marketing, and it takes a team of experts to properly execute. SEO is the process of changing the visibility of a website in a search engine like Google’s natural (commonly referred to as ‘organic’ in the industry) search results. The higher your search engine results page (commonly referred to as SERP) the more organic visitors you will receive on your website.

At its core, SEO is about producing relevant content. Search engines like Google crawl and index the web, filing away pages as they go. To simplify it a bit, when a user types a term into the search box, Google reviews all of the websites it has available and delivers its ranked results. The higher the result, the more relevant the match to the search term.

As you probably know, it is absolutely critical for your business website to rank highly in search engines. The reality is that only a fraction of people ever click on to page 2, so if you’re not on the first page of results, you may as well be invisible. Even on page 1, all spots aren’t created equal. The top spot gets approximately 50% of the traffic, and it each subsequent result gets an increasingly smaller percent. If you want your business to win the traffic, you need to have a strong SEO strategy in place.

How Do You Rank?

Traditionally, the main way to rank on search engines has been backlinks. There are other factors, but backlinks have been the most important factor since search engines came into existence.

A backlink is an incoming link from another page to yours. The reason these are so valuable is that they indicate a certain amount of trust. For instance, if Google is trying to deliver the most relevant page for ‘big blue widgets’, and a website has a page titled ‘big blue widgets’ with tens of thousands of backlinks, Google can assume that that page is the authority on big blue widgets and thusly should get the traffic.

Also important is the anchor text on the backlink. The anchor text is the clickable portion of a hyperlink. This is another major indicator of relevancy for Google. To use the same example, people almost never link by writing out, It’s ugly and inefficient. They are much more likely to link the text big blue widgets. Google pays attention to anchor text, as it is a great way to find out what a page is actually about.

The problem with backlinks and anchor text is that people figured it out, and started to game the system. They would use anchor text they wanted to rank for, like ‘best widget ever’, and spam links to their page all over the web. this worked for awhile, longer than it should have, but now it’s a toxic technique, hated by search engines. Many SEO and digital marketing companies still try to operate this way, and it’s the reason why so many sites are getting penalties from Google.

The techniques to succeed are completely different now, and most digital marketing companies haven’t yet caught up. If you want SEO that works, you need to get it from a company that is always on the cutting edge, a company like Wikimotive. Let us show you our modern SEO techniques and how they can land your website at the top of Google’s first page.

Get the Best Search Engine Optimization Services

The longer you put off starting your search engine optimization strategy, the further behind your competition you’ll be. Contact us here at Wikimotive today to receive your free search engine optimization evaluation. We will look at every aspect of your search engine optimization strategy and help you to reach the first page for your targeted terms. Our free SEO evaluation is quick and obligation free, so contact us today using the form at the top of this page to schedule yours.