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Are you trying to reach the first page of Google but getting lost in the crowd? Don’t worry, ranking for anything, even low competition terms, isn’t easy unless you do it every single day. Even then, there are a lot of modern SEO companies who are still stuck in the past, not helping their clients move forward. After all, who has time to keep up with every single Google update?

Wikimotive does.

Wikimotive Lives and Breathes SEO

At Wikimotive, SEO is our life. Every member of our staff is thoroughly trained on every SEO best practice. Some SEO companies have cookie cutter services that haven’t changed in years. SEO that isn’t custom tailored to the client simply DOES NOT WORK in 2014, and definitely won’t work in 2015 and beyond either.

The truth is that the industry moves quickly, and so do we. No update, however small, escapes our notice and we update our techniques as often as necessary to stay completely on the cutting edge. Our core SEO is based around creating a network of quality content, and that is never going out of style.

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