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If you’re one of the thousands that reads the Wikimotive blog each and every day of the week, we want to thank you. It’s great having you here and I’m sure you’re one heck of a guy or girl. You’re probably a stand-up person and an asset to your community. I mean, you’re interested in marketing news, and I like that about you. Because we’re such good friends and all, I wanted to talk about a little something with you today. It’s great you’re reading Wikimotive, but we’d also like to know what else you like to read, and we’d like to offer a suggestion: Alltop.

Alltop is basically a website that aggregates content by category, and then displays it based on popularity and website. For instance, if you go to the SEO section, you’ll see all of the sites that regularly write about SEO or digital marketing, Wikimotive among them. Each website has their five most recent stories displayed, and the “Topular” section on the top left of the page displays the most popular stories of the hour If you’re looking on the day this blog is published, for instance, you may see that Wikimotive’s post on Increasing Traffic in 2013 is one of the top stories in the SEO community. The top posts change quickly, but they are always quality information and they are always relevant to the community at large.

Alltop isn’t just a great resource for learning though, it can be a great place to share your own content. The site has a variety of categories and SEO is just one of them. Find the category that your business blog best falls into, and then submit it to Alltop. If you’re producing good content with any regularity, the chances are that they’ll add you to that feed. Once you’re on there, all you have to do is keep producing quality content, and your viewership will grow, especially if you can manage to be one of the “Topular” stories.



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