5 Things Your Employees Want More Than Money

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Today’s work culture has shifted drastically from what used to be expected. Talented job candidates and skilled employees are viewed as a finite resource by many companies, which are working harder and harder to make the turn the traditional workplace on its head.

Game rooms, full gourmet kitchens, nap stations, and designated free time are typical perks at today’s innovating top technology and digital marketing companies. But besides adding things that will make an office appear more laidback, what simple things can employees do to improve company moral in order to become a company people truly want to work for?

Here are a few things your employees want more than money, and how to create an environment in which employees feel motivated to do the absolute best job possible.

Deserved Recognition and Purpose

Recognizing your employees doesn’t mean that every time someone does their job right that you have to dole out compliments, as you should always expect quality work. What this means is that recognizing hard work is an act that will continuously motivate employees to do great work. Your company should have a plan to build upon this recognition to add bonuses, raises, and promotions when warranted.

Additionally, giving employees purpose is a great way to create a driven workforce made up of people who are out for more than just a paycheck. Great leaders do this by making sure each and every person who works for them realizes that their job makes a difference in the overall success of the company. Without this, productivity and employee retention will suffer.

Upward Mobility

In most cases, job hunters scoff at employers that mention “upward mobility” in job ads. Most people, at one time or another, have been passed over for promotions and have adopted a pessimistic view of employer promises.

You can change that, though, by putting every employee in a position to move up a rank. Essentially, you want every employee to realize that they’re not stuck in a dead-end position. This goes hand-in-hand with providing them a purpose, but one that serves their interests more than yours.

Great Employee Discounts

While many companies aren’t in a position to offer discounts, those that are should be doing so generously. Whether that means extending corporate bulk discounts on certain items on to employees or simply offering them a good percentage off certain items, it’s hard to go wrong with these discounts.

They create loyalty, encourage employees to use company-made products, and give applicants yet another reason to want to work for your company.


Who doesn’t love free stuff? Whether it be the occasional catered lunch, celebratory drinks, or things such as gym memberships and professional training courses, employees will appreciate an employer that offers things that either boost company moral or prove to be individually beneficial. Many large companies go above and beyond with the freebies they offer employees, as they realize that this will encourage employees to boast about their company’s perks, leading to an overall better company image.

For instance, Google is known for offering some of the best perks that allow its employees to worry less about the little things and get down to business. The company offers on-site haircuts, laundry services, as well as free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The allure of working at Google even inspired a movie staring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

The lesson that can be learned from Google is simple: offering perks that make your employee’s lives easier will pay dividends in the longrun.

Work-Life Balance

More than anything, people want to live their lives. Work can fill up a lot of time, but your employees want to be able to enjoy a separation of their work and personal life. Employers should make an extra effort to respect boundaries and make an effort to be flexible. If you’re in an industry where it’s possible, offer a work-from-home day or even a half-day on one of your company’s less busy days of the week.

The one thing to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your employees happy and recruiting top talent is that the little things matter. Of course, the world’s greatest employee perks won’t replace a competitive and generous salary, but they do motivate employees and help your company build a reputation as a great place to work.

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