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A few months ago we talked about the benefits of Reddit. Reddit isn’t a great place to market (not in any kind of organized way, anyway) but it is a great place to come together and talk to your peers. In our original article, we talked about the benefits of the SEO Subreddit, /r/SEO. Today, we want to share another Subreddit that may be of use, especially if you work on a larger scale.

The Subreddit is /r/bigSEO, and it’s dedicated to people who do SEO not just for themselves, but as a career as a part of an agency or other marketing company. As such, the topics of discussion are a little different than the normal /r/SEO Subreddit. For instance, the SEO Subreddit may have questions like “newbie guide to SEO?” or “getting on Yahoo directory?” The /r/BigSEO subreddit has larger questions, like “tools to replace the updated Google keyword planner” or “SEO for sites across multiple languages?”

When you’re navigating the Subreddit, you’re likely to see three main tags. Here’s what they are and what they mean:

  • [HIRING] – For open SEO positions.
  • [LF] – Looking for. Use when you need someone for a particular project.
  • [META] – Conversations related to the subreddit itself rather than SEO.

Go and use the Subreddit, but there is one word of caution we have for you. If you have any bright ideas for services you want to offer or domains you want to buy, DON’T SHARE THEM. By and large the community is great, but there are still people who will snatch a domain out from under you just for the pleasure of charging you $100 for it.


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