SEO: Public Understanding, Attitudes and Behavior (Infographic)

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As people in the SEO industry, or even as people who read about SEO for personal use daily, it can be hard to imagine what it all looks like to the average joe. To most people, the first thing they think of when they hear SEO is “some kind of software job?” For others, ones that have a peripheral knowledge of the field, they associate SEO with sketchy tactics, spammy comments, and just generally black hat tactics. The reality is that true SEO is nothing like that, but these kind of perceptions can be hard to get past. That’s why today, we’d like to share with you an infographic that covers public perception and behavior, one that will give you some fresh insight ito your current SEO strategies and why they may not be hitting the mark.

The infographic is brought to us by, and it covers the understanding, attitudes and behavior of the average user of search engines. Some of the data isn’t especially surprising, but we were shocked by some of the ignorance around how Google actually works and how the average joe interacts with it. Take a look below and let us know what you think. SEO Behavior Study

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