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Goldilocks and SEO

SEO is a game of increments. If you take any one technique to the extreme, you can ruin the effectiveness. Not just the effectiveness of that one technique either, but your entire campaign. You need to play it smart and move slowly, accepting that—while their are certain aspects of SEO you can move fast and […] Read More

Stretch Your Events with SEO

In this age of harsh Google penalties on fluff content, people are looking for increasingly exciting ways to generate real, quality content. For a lot of companies, the solution has been to start hosting more events. The benefit of events is that you get some press (along with those juicy press releases), and a good […] Read More

Zombies! Zombies Everywhere!

We know that search engine optimization moves pretty fast, and it definitely moves faster than zombies. To be clear, I’m talking about the traditional Romero Night of the Living Dead zombies here, not those sprinters from newer movies (so unrealistic!) Still, every day, more and more people are letting themselves get turned into SEO zombies, […] Read More

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