The Ten Commandments of SEO (Infographic)

Posted on by Daniel Hinds
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SEO isn’t a religion, but it’s definitely pretty close. You have to dedicate yourself to it to succeed, you have leaders and idols, and you have a mysterious entity that deals out rewards and punishments due to only their own strange whims (that’s a shot at Google, not God…don’t write me). Much like religion, SEO has written rules and unwritten rules. There are things that you’re supposed to do that no one really does, things that you’re not supposed to do that pretty much everyone does, and things that people can’t seem to agree on for the life of them. Again, much like religion, there’s so much we’ll never know for sure, but here are 10 solid rules that will help you out in the meantime. They aren’t perfect for every situation, but if you follow them, you’ll be more successful than someone who doesn’t.

SEO Commandments