Increase Traffic with SEO in 2013 (Infographic)

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Increasing traffic is the high-level goal of pretty much every website. Whether you’re there to entertain, sell, or teach, more eyes on the page is the paramount objective. SEO is a great tool for building up your traffic, but really, SEO is a pretty big term that includes a lot of little things. Writing content can be a part of SEO, but so can tweaking HTML on the back end. Today, even social media is being lumped into the SEO strategy game.It can be difficult to remember all of the little things you’re supposed to do, so today, we have a great infographic that provides an overview on all of the little things you should be doing.

 The infographic is titled “Increase Traffic to Your Website” and it’s by the folks at BWHGeek. Most of the info is great, especially when it talks about on-page strategies. We’re not as crazy about the paid options this infographic offers, but there are some insights there. Just remember that when it comes to paying, if you are essentially buying a link, you shouldn’t do it. Even if it’s not going to hurt you now, you can bet that somewhere down the line Google will catch on and you’ll be scrambling to disavow.

Here’s the infographic, let us know what you find most useful.

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