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Excel is an enormous part of the business world. Windows comes on most machines and Excel comes with most copies of Windows, so it’s not surprising that it’s become the spreadsheet tool of choice. In addition to being nearly ubiquitous, Excel is also a powerful tool. People make careers out of being particularly good at it. It’s a great way to collate and codify data, and then present that data graphically as charts, graphs and other easily digestible materials. Lots of programs allow for easily importing and exporting data to excel, and now Bing is taking that idea and running with it. Let’s take a look at how they’re letting you use Excel in your Bing SEO efforts.

If you want to use Excel with Bing now, here are the current steps you have to take:

Bing Excel Not the end of the world, but when there’s the option to streamline something, that’s an option that’s always worth taking.

To that end, Microsoft has developed the Excel Add-In for Bing. With this tool, you’ll be able to download campaign data to your Excel spreadsheets directly, do your thing, and then upload that data directly back to the web UI for Bing.

The new process looks like this:

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