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Bing’s New Design

Early on in 2013, Bing gave us a preview of what the future could hold for the search engine. Now, we’re seeing that preview come to fruition. It’s a whole new look and feel for Bing, and even though it feels very strange to say…we think we like it. Let’s take a look at what’s […] Read More

Use Excel in Bing Optimization

Excel is an enormous part of the business world. Windows comes on most machines and Excel comes with most copies of Windows, so it’s not surprising that it’s become the spreadsheet tool of choice. In addition to being nearly ubiquitous, Excel is also a powerful tool. People make careers out of being particularly good at […] Read More

Bing Adds Some New Features

Bing, Google’s awkward cousin, is starting to grow into its looks a little. This week, they’ve taken some programs out of beta testing and made them live for the world to ignore enjoy. Are they actually useful? Will they affect your affordable search engine optimization? Lets take a look.

Pinterest Hooks Up With Bing

Social media and search are again colliding, and for once, the news isn’t about Google and Facebook. No, today’s news is about the little brothers of search and social, the ones who aren’t quite as successful but certainly give it there all. Let us here at Wikimotive tell you about it, and how it can […] Read More

Bing Ads on Facebook?

Currently, the biggest problem with using Bing for SEM and SEO for Business is the lack of search volume. Sure, they came in with roughly 20 percent of the total U.S. searches by the end of last year, but Google is still dominating them, essentially getting the rest of the market share (ignoring the pittance of […] Read More

Bing Webmaster Guidelines

Bing remains slightly inscrutable to many people. Due to Google’s overwhelming domination in the search engine market, Bing is often forgotten about entirely. Don’t let Microsoft’s brainchild remain a mystery to you though, because there is help! This week, Microsoft has (finally) released a list of Bing Webmaster Guidelines, “intended to help your content be […] Read More

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