Zombies! Zombies Everywhere!

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We know that search engine optimization moves pretty fast, and it definitely moves faster than zombies. To be clear, I’m talking about the traditional Romero Night of the Living Dead zombies here, not those sprinters from newer movies (so unrealistic!) Still, every day, more and more people are letting themselves get turned into SEO zombies, overtaken by old techniques and trying to drag down those of us who are still alive and working on the bleeding edge. Today, we have the information you need to weed out the search engine optimization zombies from your business, and make sure you’re uninfected moving forwards.

No shotgun required.

The information comes from an excellent infographic from the folks at Rankpop. They break down the different kinds of zombies and what techniques are keeping them in the dark ages. Fortunately, SEO zombies can be cured, just show them this infographic and deal ’em two barrels of shame.

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