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How We Consume Our Content (Infographic)

The culture of content has only gained more momentum in 2013. The vast majority of people lead plugged-in lives, constantly absorbing news and entertainment and advertisements in near equal measure. This is great for your brand, but only if you understand HOW people are absorbing content. Brazen, ugly ads that inconvenience may put you top […] Read More

eCommerce SEO Infographic

We’ve established time and time again that SEO is constantly shifting, but some industries have it harder than others. One of the more complicated kinds of sites to optimize is the ecommerce site. This is because Google would love to be the only true affiliate marketer on the web. Also, Amazon is so ubiquitous that […] Read More

Search Behavior Infographic

We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how people behave when they use search engines. As digital marketers, it’s literally our job.  Are they always clicking the top result? Are they ignoring advertisements entirely? Does ANYBODY ever go check the second page? These are burning questions that require answers, especially if your small […] Read More

Cheap or Expensive SEO?

When people start shopping around for different SEO quotes, what’s the first thing they notice? It’s always the discrepancy of the cost. It’s not uncommon for one company to quote in the high thousands while another is in the hundreds. The important thing that every consumer should understand is that, much like anything else, be […] Read More

Understanding PageRank Infographic

Have you ever heard of PageRank? If you’re involved in any kind of SEO, you’re definitely familiar with the term. For the uninitiated, PageRank is a 0-10 score that Google assignes to webpages based on different weighted elements that indicate quality and relative importance. Search engine optimization specialists always take PageRank into account when planning strategies […] Read More

WordPress SEO Infographic

In todays marketing world, you’re seeing less and less sites being built from scratch. There are so many  canned-sites (bad) and Content Management Systems (good) that there just isn’t a big demand for it. This isn’t to say web development is dead. There is still a HUGE need for people who can create and customize […] Read More

Keyword Research Infographic

When you’re performing your affordable search engine optimization for the first time, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. Many people want to jump right into the fun parts like creating content and sharing on social media. When you’re first starting though, there is a crucial step that no company big or small can afford to skip: Keyword […] Read More

2013 SEO Infographic

People are dubbing 2013 the year of SEO for the Business consumer! What do they mean by this? It’s what we’ve been saying all along, it’s about quality content. Some SEO companies look at search engines like google as the enemy, that’s simply a ridiculous position to take. Sure, they make life harder for us digital marketers, […] Read More

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