How We Consume Our Content (Infographic)

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The culture of content has only gained more momentum in 2013. The vast majority of people lead plugged-in lives, constantly absorbing news and entertainment and advertisements in near equal measure. This is great for your brand, but only if you understand HOW people are absorbing content. Brazen, ugly ads that inconvenience may put you top of mind, but they are also going to destroy any goodwill towards your brand. The best marketing companies and search engine optimization services understand how people interact with the content we create.

Below we have attached a great infographic that shows how people interact with content. As you may have guessed, the top place for consuming content (be it text, picture or video) is social media. This represents all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so it’s no surprise. Another interesting face about this study is that podcasts are growing in popularity. Give it  a look and let us know what you think!


Wikimotive Consuming Content

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