Roadmap to Website Traffic (Infographic)

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Are you monitoring where your traffic comes from? There are plenty of tools to take care of that for you, and if you’re having any success, it’s safe to say that you or someone in your organization is keeping track of it. What are you doing with that data though? It’s not enough to simply observe and report. To reach that next tier of success you need to analyze all of your traffic sources and expand upon them, you need to capitalize on your victories and rectify your failures. Constantly analyzing your traffic and adjusting on the fly is a great way to keep your SEO services low-cost moving forwards.

To help with your analysis, we have found a great infographic from the folks at Host Gator. It gives you a few different ways to break down your web traffic and analyze it on a deeper level than you may have in the past.

Check it out below!


Website Traffic Infographic

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