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People are dubbing 2013 the year of SEO for the Business consumer!

What do they mean by this? It’s what we’ve been saying all along, it’s about quality content. Some SEO companies look at search engines like google as the enemy, that’s simply a ridiculous position to take. Sure, they make life harder for us digital marketers, but they are simple trying to get the best results possible in front of the consumer. SEO is no longer about gaming some system (not nearly as much as it used to be anyway), it’s about producing quality content that has inherent value to the people searching for it.  

The guys over at MediaWhiz have put out a nice infographic that sums up a lot of the simple stats that you need to know to succeed in 2013. Don’t take everything here as gospel as every business has slightly different needs, but these are some great general guidelines to use until Google hits us with the next big update.


Wikimotive SEO 2013

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