Author: Andrew Martin

Yoast for SEO

I’ve written before about the benefits of using a plugin to boost your SEO on WordPress. It’s simply a game changer as far as SEO is concerned. It can take a decent blogger with a modicum of SEO knowledge and bring them to the next level. It is one of the first things we here at Wikimotive install when we’re […]

When to Use NoFollow

We’ve talked about nofollow links before, and anyone practicing SEO should at least understand the basics of what they’re for. Essentially, they let you tell search engines not to count a certain outbound link as a vote, or endorsement, of the linked content. What this does in practice is limits the amount of effectiveness your link will have in making […]

Mobile Commerce Stats (Infographic)

We recently talked about responsive design and what it means for your business moving forwards. The fact is that people are using traditional computers less and smartphones and tablets more often. Now, this is definitely turning into a gray area. What separates a tablet like the Microsoft Surface from a full fledged computer? Not much, really. This gray area will […]

10 Great SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly versatile platform. These days, it’s for a lot more than just blogs, too. Many businesses run their entire sites on WordPress, and it’s a great idea for a lot of reasons. Namely, it’s customizable, easy to use, free to setup, and it’s pretty well loved by Google. All in all, WordPress is just naturally pretty great […]

Responsive Design for SEO?

Mobile is huge, we’ve talked about that a lot recently, but optimizing your site for mobile can be a correspondingly huge amount of work. You have to tweak all of your existing elements to make sure they display properly, and you have to check it across a variety of devices. The workaround for this has been to get a responsive […]

Strong or Bold?

Matt Cutts is back again with another one of his block rocking beats. The Webmaster Help videos that Matt Cutts puts out may not be the most glamorous pieces of SEO news around, but we still honestly feel that they are worth covering. Paying attention to the great, sweeping changes in the SEO field is only a piece of the […]

301 Redirects or rel=”Canonical”

It can be difficult to know how you should redirect a web page, especially when there is duplicate content involved in the mix. Generally, there are two major ways of handling the issue: the 301 redirect and the rel=”canonical” attribute. They both have their strengths and their weaknesses, and knowing how to use them properly can mean the difference between […]

Today’s Perfect Landing Page (Infographic)

Building the perfect landing page is sort of like Baseball, it’s part art, part science, and a whole lot of sweat. Most companies never get it exactly right, and that’s the way it should be. Your landing pages should be constantly growing and evolving, being tested and tried and reformulated to succeed in the moment. Much like SEO, there are […]

Buying a Bad Domain

Have you ever looked into buying a domain on the private market? It’s a risky proposition, as private sales can be anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. If you have proof the domain is currently in good standing, or even neutral standing, then buy away if the price is right. If the domain is a […]

Pagination Domination

Over the past couple years, the pagination of content has become a popular tactic. For those of you who don’t keep up with asinine marketing terms, pagination in this context just means spreading your content out over multiple pages. This is usually done to increase views and lower bounce rates, both of which are great things for the advertisers on […]

WordPress SEO Infographic

In todays marketing world, you’re seeing less and less sites being built from scratch. There are so many  canned-sites (bad) and Content Management Systems (good) that there just isn’t a big demand for it. This isn’t to say web development is dead. There is still a HUGE need for people who can create and customize the back-end of things and […]

You’re Nobody (’till Somebody Ranks You)

Here at Wikimotive, we love Using SEO for Business. We work at it all day, poring over analytics data and tweaking this or that to stay in Google’s good graces. Honestly, it never gets old. Just between you and me, when we lay our heads down at night, we have beautiful dreams of Matt Cutts. Still though, we’re not going […]

Pinterest Rudiments

We haven’t talked about Pinterest on the blog for awhile, so we wanted to revisit the budding social network. Recently they’ve made some pretty major moves by cutting out fake users and allowing business accounts to authenticate themselves, and they just keep progressing into “necessary for Successful Business SEO” territory. No one outside of Google is sure exactly how much weight […]