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Mobile Commerce Stats (Infographic)

We recently talked about responsive design and what it means for your business moving forwards. The fact is that people are using traditional computers less and smartphones and tablets more often. Now, this is definitely turning into a gray area. What separates a tablet like the Microsoft Surface from a full fledged computer? Not much, really. This gray area will […]

Local Needs to be on the Podium

Local Needs to be on the Podium

The goal for most SEO efforts is to land on the first page of Google.  Once you’re there, it’s about the uphill battle to the top of page one. Some companies will tell you there isn’t much of a difference between positions four and five, but the fact is position four gets 50% more clicks. SEO is a game of […]

Instagram Goes Big!

Instagram has, by design, limited its market share from the very beginning. First it was simply for apple products like the iPhone and iTouch, and then it grew to include the Android market as well (sorry Windows phone users). The main thing that separated Instagram from other social networks was that it was never available on physical computers before, at […]

The Hard Facts About Mobile Sites

The Hard Facts About Mobile Sites

Here in the year 2012, even the most old fashioned of businesses have an online presence. Even if it’s just the equivalent of a Geocities page, people have recognized the value of having at least their basic information on a website. Now though, there’s a new browsing trend that’s growing exponentially, and businesses are again proving slow to adapt. You’d […]

Facebook Acquires The Pieceable Team For Mobile Innovation

Facebook has had a bit of a rough time since their IPO despite being one of the most hyped IPO’s of all time. Since mid May when they went public Facebook has been trying to boost their stock prices from the initial dive they took. In an effort to become more mobile relevant and boost mobile revenues Facebook has recently […]

American Sports Fans On Social Media

According to a recent study sports fans are getting their news and other sports content through social media and mobile devices more and more. In 2012 so far 26% of sports fans follow leagues teams and players through social media. Last year that number was only 15%. 22% of sports fans said that they use their mobile devices to get […]

The Rise Of Mobile

People have been talking for years about the “post-PC era” when use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets would exceed that of personal computers. It seems that 2012 is going to be the start of this new era. In 2011 there were 472 million smartphones sold world wide, and tablet sales grew by 250 per cent reaching just about […]