How Your Eyes Move on Websites (Infographic)

Posted on by Andrew Martin
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Have you ever thought about the way people might view your website? I’m not talking about how they’ll feel about it, but how they will physically view it, like how their eyes will move from place to place as it loads. It’s an area of real interest for a lot of the digital marketing world, and it should be something you aware of as you design your own site, blog, and landing pages. If your design doesn’t flow, people may click away. Ideally, it needs to not just flow, but guide the eye directly to the area that is most important for conversions. Let’s take an infographic that illustrates what that many look like.

The infographic comes courtesy of Crazy Egg and SingleGrain, and it’s their first of the new year. It gives you the basic 101 course on eye tracking and illustrates the average way that eyes move across a page and how you can best capitalize on this. It may seem simple, but it’s one of my favorite parts of digital marketing. The fact that every little decision influences the bottom line is simply fascinating.

Take a look and then send it a long to your web designer and web developer so they can look at your site and see how you stack up.

How Eyes Move on Websites