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Is Corrupting Your Data?

Sep 22, 8:24AM, UPDATE: James Grace has contacted Wikimotive and shared findings with us: “We’ve tracked down the source of this issue to a 3rd Party Integration with that was active on approximately 16% of our sites.  Edmunds pushed tracking code to these sites that was causing the Google session-ID to be overwritten with every “event” on the website, […]

Welcoming Josh Billing, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist

Welcoming Josh Billing, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist

Wikimotive is pleased to introduce the newest member of our development team, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist, Josh Billings. Working closely with Wikimotive’s CTO and co-founder, Andrew Martin, Josh takes on the critical role of content publishing and front-end page development. After all, our writers can produce the best content on Earth, but someone with a sharp eye for detail […]

#CatMode: LaFontaine Automotive Group Turns Cars into Adoptable Cats for April Fools’ Day

#CatMode: LaFontaine Automotive Group Turns Cars into Adoptable Cats for April Fools’ Day

While the entire Internet is buzzing today with April Fools jokes and gags, there is one dealership that is putting today’s fun to good use. The LaFontaine Automotive Group decided to take part in the day by turning their inventory images into pictures of cats. Not only is this a great idea since the Internet LOVES cats, but they too […]

How to Get Your Local Business Online

If you’ve recently started a business in your community, you’re probably thinking of traditional marketing strategies to help get the word out and develop a customer base. This could include emailing the local paper for coverage, buying billboard space, sponsoring events, or simply networking with other businesses and local professionals. But the most important factor you’re likely overlooking is your […]

The Assassination of the Car Dealer by the Cowardly Website Vendor

I’m writing today because a serious fraud is being perpetrated on virtually all car dealers, the scope of which seems to be far greater than any I’ve encountered before. What seemed at first to be merely a bad SEO practice, now seems to amount to copyright infringement, a willful attempt to harm dealers while profiting from them, and perhaps even […]

When to Use NoFollow

We’ve talked about nofollow links before, and anyone practicing SEO should at least understand the basics of what they’re for. Essentially, they let you tell search engines not to count a certain outbound link as a vote, or endorsement, of the linked content. What this does in practice is limits the amount of effectiveness your link will have in making […]

Mobile Commerce Stats (Infographic)

We recently talked about responsive design and what it means for your business moving forwards. The fact is that people are using traditional computers less and smartphones and tablets more often. Now, this is definitely turning into a gray area. What separates a tablet like the Microsoft Surface from a full fledged computer? Not much, really. This gray area will […]

Strong or Bold?

Matt Cutts is back again with another one of his block rocking beats. The Webmaster Help videos that Matt Cutts puts out may not be the most glamorous pieces of SEO news around, but we still honestly feel that they are worth covering. Paying attention to the great, sweeping changes in the SEO field is only a piece of the […]

301 Redirects or rel=”Canonical”

It can be difficult to know how you should redirect a web page, especially when there is duplicate content involved in the mix. Generally, there are two major ways of handling the issue: the 301 redirect and the rel=”canonical” attribute. They both have their strengths and their weaknesses, and knowing how to use them properly can mean the difference between […]

Meta Description Tag Overview

We’ve been covering some pretty broad social topics here lately, so for today we wanted to go back to one of the basic elements of search engine optimization that people seem to overlook all too often: the meta description tag. It’s only an armful of words, but those words can make or break the success of your site.