Awesome Interactive Map Shows OS Usage by State

Posted on by Wikimotive LLC
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Here’s an interesting little tool for you research junkies. It’s an interactive map that breaks down the usage of operating systems by percentage by state. For you SEO fanatics (all of us here!) it also shows you the percentage of people in each state that rock Google as their primary search engine.

Marketers don’t think very often about what operating system their target audience is utilizing, but I promise it’s handy knowledge to have. If you know whether someone is a PC, Mac, or Linux person, you already know a lot about their general personality. Windows users are the unwashed masses (sorry I’m not sorry), Mac users care a lot about style and are willing to pay for it, and Linux users are deeply technical, or at least they like to be thought of that way.

So take a look at this map and do a little poking around. You can never have too much data!