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The Symbiosis of Healthcare and Marketing

It’s hardly a well-kept secret that the healthcare industry exists within a perpetual state of precariousness. As a society, we look to the wide array of healthcare professionals for unbiased solutions to issues related to our personal well-being. However, as with members of any industry, those professionals offer a series of products and services that […] Read More

Making Your Automotive Marketing Worth a Million Words

If seeking a real-world example of ‘necessary evil’, one could argue that ‘Marketing’ is a near-perfect choice. A crucial component of any business’s continued success, a well-realized and multi-tiered marketing initiative should be designed to communicate any (and all) messages, to any (and all) demographics, using the most effective platform for each. Just last month, […] Read More

Automotive Marketing In Today’s Industry

Within today’s automotive industry, a dealership’s success is no longer solely dependent on a well-realized business model, or in the creation and maintenance of a customer-centric culture. While both remain crucial components, a dealership needs to embrace the important role that online marketing plays in ensuring its continued longevity.   Website Design Successful online marketing […] Read More

Welcoming Josh Billing, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist

Wikimotive is pleased to introduce the newest member of our development team, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist, Josh Billings. Working closely with Wikimotive’s CTO and co-founder, Andrew Martin, Josh takes on the critical role of content publishing and front-end page development. After all, our writers can produce the best content on Earth, but someone with […] Read More

Google Page Layout Algorithm Refresh

Have your rankings been a little tumultuous lately? We here at Wikimotive pay very close attention to the minute fluctuations rankings can take on even a day to day timeline, and this past week has been especially puzzling. Well, it was puzzling anyway, until an announcement from Matt Cutts today shed some light on the […] Read More

Off Site Blog Post Example

Why I’m a Mazda Mom I’m a new mom. In case you don’t know many new moms, let me tell you that new-mom status comes with a new-found obsession: safety. Prior to having a baby, I can assure you I had never been the type to actually mail in the “just-in-case” recall postcards. Now I […] Read More

On Site Blog Post Example

  How Your Ford Dealership Can Help You Go Further Depending on how many dealer and consumer pages your vehicle search has taken you through by the time you reach this, it may be fair to say that your head is spinning. Sure, there are luxuries to living in the age of information, but the […] Read More

Grading the Better Business Bureau

Is the BBB a consumer watchdog or a toothless lapdog? What’s really behind those charges that businesses have to pay to play? Long considered an impartial arbiter of who’s scamming whom (and who’s not), the Better Business Bureau—a “federated association” of locally run bureaus—has been facing questions lately about its very mission. Among them: • […] Read More

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