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Welcome back to Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki. This week’s video is a long one again, because I’m sharing my presentation from the Learn Inbound conference… It’s about 38 minutes long, so make sure you’ve got time to watch and absorb all the awesomeness. If you don’t have time now, no worries – it’ll be here waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

Learn Inbound is an awesome digital marketing conference in Dublin, and you can only speak there if you’re invited, so it’s a big honor to have been there. My session shared the latest tips and tactics for Local SEO, so you’ll learn the latest info on the important factors that influence visibility in local searches. So thanks for sticking with us through the whole video!

Now it’s time – put your hand on the screen right here…
BOOM – we totally just high-fived cause you learned something awesome.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki, and don’t forget to come back next week for another awesome video. See you next Tuesday!