Welcoming Josh Billing, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist

Posted on by Wikimotive
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Wikimotive is pleased to introduce the newest member of our development team, Front-End Developer & QA Specialist, Josh Billings.

Working closely with Wikimotive’s CTO and co-founder, Andrew Martin, Josh takes on the critical role of content publishing and front-end page development. After all, our writers can produce the best content on Earth, but someone with a sharp eye for detail needs to bring that content to life on the web. Josh Billings is that someone!

Josh is the younger brother of COO, Zach Billings, but rest assured there is no nepotism here! Josh brings to the table a keen and flexible intellect, with the ability to problem solve and think outside the box, while keeping himself necessarily grounded to crush through miles of code.

Josh brings with him a fascinating and accomplished history as Wikimotive’s youngest employee to date.
After voluntarily enlisting in the Israel Defense Forces, Josh learned to speak, read, and write fluent Hebrew in just three months, and went on to become an Anti-Tank Infantry Sergeant in the illustrious Nahal Brigade. It was in the IDF that Josh gained a profound appreciation for operating as an invaluable piece of a larger whole, and it is that attitude which shines through in his exemplary efforts at Wikimotive.


The Wikimotive team is thrilled to have Josh on board, and we look forward to him growing alongside us.