Employees Are Your Business’ Greatest Reputation Management Asset

Posted on by Amanda Ryan
Categories: Reputation Management

Employees are hired based on their ability to perform and complete specific job functions. What is often overlooked is the significant role employees play in the business’ reputation.

In the past, managing a business’ reputation was purely a matter of effectively handling public relations. This, alone, is no longer enough.

In today’s world, technology has greatly altered the way businesses’ reputations are formed, monitored, and managed. Social media and online review sites are major factors in evaluating how a company is performing, but a businesses’ reputation does not start with online reviews; it begins with your employees.

Although it is not a new concept that employees are the ambassadors of the company they work for, it is one that is routinely undervalued.

Of course, it is important that business-related tasks are accomplished by qualified employees, but these same employees can either assist in protecting the company’s reputation or put it at risk.

The fact is, businesses’ greatest reputation management assets are their employees and those individuals must be revered as such.

How Can Your Business Help Its Reputation? — Invest in Your Employees.

If employees are stressed-out or overworked, they will inadvertently project how they feel about the workplace onto your customers.

  • Is their workspace congested?
  • Is there a lot of noise pollution?
  • Do they have enough breaks?

Owners, managers, and supervisors have a responsibility to create a constructive work environment and company culture that supports their employees in providing quality customer service.

When you invest in your employees, you invest in your customers, too.


A work environment that stimulates employees’ creativity and enhances productivity generates positive attitudes. These changes can have a tremendous influence on the way co-workers treat one another and on the customer service employees provide.

The company’s culture and atmosphere is not only felt by the employee, but is experienced by the customer, too. Create a positive workplace and you will have fostered a positive place to shop.

Open communication with employees is critical. Communicating with employees on a regular basis can provide insights into how well the company is doing and resolve any issues before they become bigger problems, which could ultimately affect the business’ reputation.

If you treat your employees well, they will advocate on your behalf. When businesses show they value their employees through words and actions, employees will inherently want to share this with others, both online and off.

As a business, your unspoken motto needs to be — Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers.

Building a good organization for employees to work from will aid them in providing quality customer service and can alter the way your business is viewed by customers.

Employees are your greatest assets for building a positive reputation for your business. Start with them and see your business’ reputation improve.