The Most Important Question to Ask

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Welcome back to another Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki! In this week’s video, we’re sharing one simple tip – but it’s a tip that can literally improve your entire website. It will have a positive effect on everything that you do for SEO and help you stand out from competitors.

I speak at a lot of conferences, so I’m lucky enough to talk to business owners and marketers from vastly different verticals. Everyone has different businesses, with different goals, different sites, and different customers.

But everyone’s got one thing in common… they all think that they should be number one in Google search results.

There’s only one number one – and if you want to snag that spot, you’ve got to have all of your signals optimized – on site, off site, links, Google My Business, citations, reviews… But arguably the most important element is the content on your site.

Without great content that’s well optimized, nothing else really matters.  You’ve gotta have content that’s unique, relevant, and useful. It needs to make it clear why you’re the best choice and why customers shouldn’t even consider visiting your competitors.

The problem is – everyone’s got the same generic content on their website. All the car dealers say the same things… all the lawyers have the same content… all the plumbers are the same too. How can you hope to rank #1 in search results if your content is basically the same as your competitors?

You need to ask yourself one simple question: Why do you deserve to be #1?

Forget the standard “we treat customers like family” statements. Ditch the “we’ve got a shiny new showroom” crap. And trust me, no one really cares that you’re “family owned”

If you truly answer that question, you’ll have amazing, helpful content that far outshines your competitors. It’ll be incredibly easy to write your content too. Google will love the fact that there’s tons of robust, unique content on your site and you’ll show up better in searches – but more importantly, potential customers will love it because you’ve got a website that’s actually about your business.

So use this simple question and use it two write better content. You’ll stand out from competitors and you’ll convert more customers.

So now it’s time – put your hand on the screen right here…

BOOM! We totally just high-fived cause you learned something awesome.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki, and don’t forget to come back next week for another awesome video.


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