Just The Tip – What is SEO?

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Posted on by Jason Cook
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For those of you unfamiliar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it’s the process of optimizing signals both on and off a website, influencing how successfully that site can be found when someone searches particular keywords on Google.

Regardless of the vertical you’re in, your ranking in Google Search Results should be one of your primary considerations. Failing to prioritize your search rankings could render you invisible to people looking for your products or services. And if prospective customers can’t find you, how do you expect to grow your business? And if you don’t rank higher than your competitors, how can you expect to expand your market share?

You might have noted that we mentioned the need to optimize signals “both on and off a website”. In other words, SEO is a process that works on multiple levels, and a well-designed SEO strategy should be structured in the same fashion.

And making things even more complicated, there are multiple algorithms in Google, which means there are multiple kinds of SEO. Most people are familiar with Traditional SEO, the process which targets Google’s standard algorithm. Traditional SEO targets specific signals, and their relationship with one another, to increase a site’s value in the all-seeing eye of Google.

Local SEO is a more complicated sub-set of traditional SEO that targets Google’s local algorithm. Local SEO targets many of the same signals as Traditional SEO, but it includes additional signals as well. Local Search is a more nuanced, complicated process designed to get a website to show up in searches in a particular geographic area. Any business with a physical brick-and-mortar location – or that serves customers in a certain geographic area – needs to be doing Local SEO.

In this weekly series, the team at Wikimotive will explore Local SEO, offering you a better understanding of the process – along with quick, actionable tips that are designed to improve your business’s ranking in local search results.

You don’t need to be an expert in SEO. That’s what’s we’re here for…  And each week, we’ll have Just the Tip for you.