Automotive Marketing In Today’s Industry

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Within today’s automotive industry, a dealership’s success is no longer solely dependent on a well-realized business model, or in the creation and maintenance of a customer-centric culture. While both remain crucial components, a dealership needs to embrace the important role that online marketing plays in ensuring its continued longevity.


Website Design

Successful online marketing is more than just a website; although, you should know that a compelling and intuitively-designed website is crucial in maintaining engagement. Wikimotive can offer you a website that embodies your dealership’s culture, while being tailored to the expectations of both established and prospective customers, alike.

With your dealership housing a vehicle count in the hundreds, the right website can help you to connect each of those vehicles with the right buyer. We take pride in creating sites that are both engaging and informative, empowering your customer to buy with confidence. But that’s not all…


Search Engine Optimization

Wikimotive’s marketing initiatives utilize both proven and cutting-edge SEO strategies which, when combined, result in increased visibility during online searches. This provides you with an unfair advantage over your competition, generating more leads for your team to convert to sales, moving more units than ever before.

As with all of our services, we take great pride in backing these claims with reporting and analytics that prove the correlation between our guarantee, and your results.


Social Media Marketing

With over 1.5 billion users, Facebook alone stands as a testament to the reach offered by Social Media. Embracing the power of Social empowers you to expand your dealership’s accessibility, creating stronger and more lasting relationships.

Be it through ad placement, promotions or through one-on-one engagement; we can help you to create an effective online brand, as well as manage it in real-time, to ensure the greatest impact.


Reputation Management

Make no mistake: online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. It is now estimated that 9 out of 10 consumers consult online reviews before buying a product or service. With this in mind, what do your customers say about you?

Allowing Wikimotive to monitor and maintain your online reputation is more than an advantage, it’s a crucial component in your continued success. Whether your dealership has enjoyed multi-generational success or is finding its legs, each day brings the opportunity to make a first impression. Let our proven Reputation Management services ensure that you’re making the best impression possible.


Choose Wikimotive

By partnering with Wikimotive, you are equipping yourself with a proven arsenal of services expertly-designed to guarantee unparalleled results. Let us help you to turn every online search into a customer, and every customer into a lasting relationship. With Wikimotive, it’s just that simple.