Health Care Industry Marketing Has Changed

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Posted on by Jason Cook
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Of all service providers, the Healthcare industry is faced with some of the greatest expectations in terms of accessibility, credibility, and reliability. While such expectations are perfectly understandable, it emphasizes medical professionals’ need for a comprehensive online presence. And in this 24/7 world of transparency and constant connectivity, prospective patients demand far more than just a polished website. Wikimotive understands this and provides a multi-faceted solution to your online needs.

Website Design

A polished website may not be everything, but it IS the foundation of your online presence. Pairing inspired design with digital marketing strategy, Wikimotive can provide you with an informative and easily navigable site that will appeal to both existing and prospective patients. Engaging? Yes. But also designed to deliver more clientele to your hospital or practice, increasing its revenue. How?

Search Engine Optimization

As with any other service, accessibility is important to your continued success. Over two-thirds of consumers rely on online searches to identify potential service providers, and healthcare professionals are no exception. Unfortunately, most users will make their choice based on the first page of search results. Considering that Google defaults to a mere ten entries per online search, this emphasizes the importance of positioning your online presence to rank as high as possible. Wikimotive specializes in Search Engine Optimization strategies, to ensure that your ranking makes you as accessible as possible to those in need of your services.

Social Media and Reputation Management

In today’s world, no business is exempt from either the benefit or the risk associated with online reviews. Public on both social media and review sites, a positive review can bolster your success while criticisms can jeopardize it significantly. This combined with the expectation of real-time 24/7 engagement, places an unfair expectation on your time management.

Wikimotive recognizes that ‘time’ is a luxury that medical professionals simply don’t have. Our skilled team of Social Media and Reputation Management specialists can help by providing trustworthy response and engagement. By partnering with us, you gain the reliable support of a team dedicated to maintaining your positive online presence.

Why Choose Wikimotive?

The services that you provide and the quality of those services should speak for itself. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. Digital marketing is a critical component in the continued success of any business, and you need a trusted partner to generate revenue, drive new patient acquisitions, maintain online relationships and protect your reputation. Let Wikimotive help you to help others, by doing what we do best so that you can do the same.