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Rep Matters (10 Tips for Addressing Negativity Towards Healthcare)

In the United States, there’s still a significant portion of our population debating the pros and cons of the affordable healthcare act. The political spectrum remains perpetually at odds over the idealistic entitlement for universal healthcare and the fiscal realities that stand in the way of such demands. But partisan politics aside, there’s little value […] Read More

The Symbiosis of Healthcare and Marketing

It’s hardly a well-kept secret that the healthcare industry exists within a perpetual state of precariousness. As a society, we look to the wide array of healthcare professionals for unbiased solutions to issues related to our personal well-being. However, as with members of any industry, those professionals offer a series of products and services that […] Read More

Health Care Industry Marketing Has Changed

Of all service providers, the Healthcare industry is faced with some of the greatest expectations in terms of accessibility, credibility, and reliability. While such expectations are perfectly understandable, it emphasizes medical professionals’ need for a comprehensive online presence. And in this 24/7 world of transparency and constant connectivity, prospective patients demand far more than just […] Read More

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