Episode 2: New Blended SERP on Local Brand Searches

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Welcome back to Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki. We’ve got an interesting update to share with you this week – Google has updated how Branded Search results are displayed on mobile.

First seen in the wild last week, the new branded layout is a blend between the info that used to appear in the Google My Business knowledge panel and the standard organic results. Check it out here in the video. I did a search for a restaurant in Seattle called Local 360.

Notice, as I scroll down, we see an ad, then their Google My Business information appears. As I continue to scroll down the page, the GMB navigation bar with “overview”, “posts”, “reviews”, and “about” locks in to the top of the screen and stays visible.

After we pass the high line information, we start to see the standard organic listings. After a few listings, we see the GMB Questions and Answers section and the aggregated reviews from other sites, followed by the GMB popular times to visit graph.

Then we get a few more organic listings and carousels for other similar restaurants.

It’s an interesting change – I’m not sure why Google decided to break up all the standard Google My Business info and display it spread out between organic results.

I’m not really against the change though – it’s only on branded searches, and most businesses out there own their branded results, so you shouldn’t really be worried about competitors showing. It’s a nice user experience, especially for people who were looking for organic results instead of the GMB panel.

So if you haven’t noticed the change yet, pull out your phone and do a quick search for your business, and see what your new branded search results page looks like. Let us know in the comments below what you think!

>OK, we’re gonna try something cool here – put your hand on the screen right here…

BOOM – we totally just high-fived cause you learned something awesome.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Tactical Tuesdays with Wiki, and don’t forget to come back next week for another awesome video. See you next Tuesday!

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