#CatMode: LaFontaine Automotive Group Turns Cars into Adoptable Cats for April Fools’ Day

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While the entire Internet is buzzing today with April Fools jokes and gags, there is one dealership that is putting today’s fun to good use. The LaFontaine Automotive Group decided to take part in the day by turning their inventory images into pictures of cats.

Not only is this a great idea since the Internet LOVES cats, but they too have upped the cleverness by combining car language and cat speak together, making for a fun and enjoyable search of their website. However, the joy does not stop there.

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The images that turn their cars into cats are not just random pictures from across the web. Instead, LaFontaine Automotive Group stepped it up a notch by collaborating with a local animal shelter to help the cats get adopted. So every car that has been turned into a cat on the website is actually looking for a forever home.

Cat Modes

Not only is this idea a fantastic one, but it serves a greater purpose for some truly loveable cats as well. Other dealerships can learn from LaFontaine Automotive Group’s efforts here on how to properly work with another local business and not only create buzz for your dealership online but within your local community too.

The project is called Cat-Mode and is currently running on the LaFontaine Automotive Group family deal website. You too can take part in this wonderful experiment by sharing with your social friends and using the hashtag #CatMode to spread the love and help these cats get adopted.

April Fools is a great day to spend time finding some great tricks on the web, but even better when the fun can be turned into something good.

We salute LaFontaine Automotive Group’s efforts here and want to give a shout out to their Digital Marketing Manager, Jason Stum and his team for such innovative thinking.


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