Pew Internet Life Survey Numbers for Social Networks

Posted on by Zach Billings
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Last week the Pew Internet and American Life Project released some new data, and today we want to share a little bit of that data with you, specifically the data pertaining to the way Americans are using social networks. It’s no surprise that Facebook is still dominating the social scene overall (despite all the people claiming they’re sick of the social network) but there are some pretty decent little revelations in the study. Let’s take a look at that they are and what they may mean for your digital marketing efforts.

To start, check out this graph that shows the percentage frequency of social media use by site:

As we said, Facebook is still the clear winner, but Instagram is a very surprising number two. It used to be Twitter was Facebook’s biggest competitor, and then Pinterest made a surge (and they are still surging actually) but Instagram has snuck up to take the second place spot with 57 percent of people checking it at least once a day. If this doesn’t inspire you to develop some kind of Instagram social media marketing plan for your business, I don’t know what will.

Why do people prefer Instagram as a daily use? I think that people like easy entertainment, and Instagram has kept itself very streamlined. Pinterest and Twitter can be overwhelming, but it’s easy to enjoy an Instagram feed in just a minute or two, maybe even faster if you don’t like or comment. We’re a quick moving, rapid-entertainment-seeking kind of generation, and Instagram tickles all the right spots.

Of course you need to keep up your other social networks, I just wanted to bring this up because I know a lot of companies are ignoring Instagram and it really just doesn’t make any sense. Look at the numbers and start taking those pics!