You’re Nobody (’till Somebody Ranks You)

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Here at Wikimotive, we love Using SEO for Business. We work at it all day, poring over analytics data and tweaking this or that to stay in Google’s good graces. Honestly, it never gets old. Just between you and me, when we lay our heads down at night, we have beautiful dreams of Matt Cutts.

Still though, we’re not going to argue that it’s the most exciting subject in the world. It has more than its fair share of minutia and tedium. As you’ve probably experienced, when you explain it to an outsider their eyes tend to glaze over and a fine string of drool slides down their chin. The unfortunate thing is that this happens even when you’re explaining it to a decision-maker who NEEDS the info.

So, how do you cover the basics with someone who has only the most tenuous knowledge of SEO and its esoteric vocabulary? Well, in lieu of having a long, patient conversation (which would be our real recommendation), you can show them this amazing video by Charles Lewis, the rapper MVP of SEO. The video is a little dated, so it’s not pure gospel, but an amazing amount of the content is still truly relevant today.

Check out the video below!

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